About Us

Urla Fine Foods

Your local old-world bazaar. Urla Fine Foods is a purveyor of fine foods and ingredients from Turkey and beyond.  


Throughout history, Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) has been home to diverse cultures, beliefs, and traditions. Situated at the crossroads between the East and the West, Anatolia became a meeting place of different peoples and ideas, who, together, created elaborate bazaars throughout its towns and cities. These bazaars were not only abundant in local ingredients and tastes but also provided a window into the different regional cuisines of Anatolia and beyond. Everyone had a place in the bazaar, everyone found something in the bazaar.  


We at Urla Fine Foods have been working diligently to bring a glimpse into these bazaars to Toronto, which itself is also home of diverse cultures, peoples, and traditions. A taste of our home that we are excited to share with yours. 

Here at Urla Fine Foods, we take pride in the quality and authenticity of our products and ingredients that will be sure to entice your taste buds, offering you a taste of Anatolian cuisine.  


From our extensive list of products in our grocery aisles to the variety of traditional and artisanal offerings from our kitchen, meze counter, bakery, butcher, deli, and fish counters we can guarantee, you won’t be leaving empty-handed. 


As Toronto’s largest Turkish grocer, whether you’re looking for quality ingredients to create your own dish, or looking for inspiration, we have everything you need. From traditional to new ways of cooking, from everyday food products to our imported and gourmet creations - prepare to be inspired.